The Pacific Wild Horse Club is  dedicated to the

promotion and protection of America's Mustangs and Burros.

who we are

“Every Mustang has strengths, and the members of the PWHC love to help the Mustangs find their purpose and then let the horses shine at their chosen discipline. Every Mustang is different, which is why we all love them so much. We have mustangs who do everything you can imagine in the horse world from, Endurance, Western, English, Jumping, Driving, Cattle work, Liberty demonstrations, bridleless, Freestyle demonstrations, Trail riding, search and rescue, and more! In the Mustang world there truly is a horse for everyone and a place for every horse.

This big boy is Noble from the Coyote Lakes Herd Management area.  He is ridden by Lorraine Jones who rides in many disciplines,but especially enjoys working with Mustangs in dressage.   Lorraine loves the tall horses found in the Coyote Lakes HMA and often can be seen astride her gelding, Coyote, in full regalia carrying the American flag.  When not feeding or cleaning stalls she and her husband, Bill, also enjoy trail riding with their string of Mustangs.   

River, a 7 year old Gelding from the Three Fingers HMA in Oregon. He is greeting the public at Meet the Mustang Day at the local pumpkin patch.  

We go to nursing homes, public events, give talks to clubs and schools, set up booths at expos and events, hand out adoption information, and just plain old show off our horses to anyone who will listen!”

our Passion

our approach

We  travel. We Share Mustangs

This gorgeous guy is a gelding from the Palomino Buttes HMA  named Chester.  He and Mike Constantine  compete across Oregon in many Endurance races.


we believe each mustang has potential

we ride our Mustangs in a variety of disciplines